Sleek and featuring clean lines, handle-less kitchens are becoming increasingly popular. Employing touch-click technology makes kitchen islands incredibly trendy and versatile. Since the cooking surface features a built-in filter, it isn’t dependent on the chimney; so, you can install your island anywhere you please. In addition to creating a minimalistic look, it is a great space-optimizing solution as well.

And with the myriad of traditional and contemporary bespoke kitchen furniture solutions we provide, you can choose a look that perfectly blends in with your home’s aesthetic.

Admirers of conservative and comfortable kitchen design are well-served with our bespoke handle-less kitchens. In such cabinets, built-in handles on the surfaces act as a stylistic horizontal element that sets the image for an elegant kitchen.

Handle-less kitchens look special

This is a modern and convenient design that allows you to focus on the main thing without being distracted by the details.

Their attractive sophisticated design and absolutely smooth facades make a good impression. Thus, the kitchen without handles unobtrusively shows the modern lifestyle of its owners but does not draw attention to this.

We also offer various ideas for the proper location of storage in the kitchen. Our ideas will help you save space as much as possible. Our storage solutions allow you to organize free zones even in very limited spaces. At the same time, the location of the necessary things will be simple and intuitive.

Everything is made for the most convenient use. With our variation of base units in different heights and widths, as well as with a variety of storage tips, you will find the most convenient and practical solution for you to meet all your needs.
We have larder units that make it possible to close the doors as tightly and silently as possible. Various pantry box, comfortable worktop surfaces and other useful little things facilitate the work in the kitchen and allow you to easily reach the highest shelves.
All materials used for the manufacture of kitchens without handles are tested for minimum service life.