Safe and energy-efficient, our sliding doors will be a beautiful addition to your home. In addition to maximizing natural lighting, our elegant products that range from conventional to modern designs also feature built-in soft lighting solutions that enhance the elegance of any space.

From natural veneer to glass and intricate decorative panels, we design high-quality functional and ornamental doors that will rejuvenate any space they are installed in.


Porta pivot doors are state-of-the-art doors engineered with innovative aluminum profiles and pivot hinges that can be tailored to fit inside practically any door leaf.

Without the need of any built-in fixtures, the hinge can be placed on top of a finished solid floor and underneath a solid ceiling. Plus, the anodized space frame can be fitted with a plethora of materials, including glass, mirrors, MDF, HPL panels, acrylic stone, and other bespoke designs.

These creative interior design solutions deliver a minimalist and contemporary look with no fuss and easy installation.

Available in three anodized hues – black, silver, and bronze – you can select the perfect colour to blend in with your interiors.