Wardrobe doors

When it comes to interiors, you can’t ignore wardrobe doors. Our lacquering finish will impart a luxuriance to bring out the natural beauty of the wood grains of your wardrobe doors. In addition, our varnishing solutions will protect your wooden surfaces from stains, water, and abrasion to deliver a durable yet elegant result.

Kitchen fronts

Since lacquers come in an extensive range of colours, you can choose the perfect option to enhance the aesthetic of your kitchen.Regardless of how old your kitchen façades are, with our savvy and practical lacquering and varnishing solutions, we can refurbish them to look as good as new!

Cabinet fronts

Our high-quality lacquering and varnishing solutions will transform your cabinet doors and make them durable with great resistance to corrosion.With our team of experts and the excellent choices on offer, you can choose a specific cabinet lacquer and varnish that suits your budget and preferences.

Wood and MDF tables

Thanks to our extensive portfolio of lacquering and varnishing solutions, we provide a range of options that match your wood and MDF tables regardless of their type, colour, and finish.Both wood and medium-density fibreboard (MDF) tables require special care. With years of experience, we will provide your table/s with a durable finish that penetrates deep into the wood to provide more robust protection.

Interior and exterior doors

Varnishing and lacquering are great options to maintain the aesthetic integrity of your doors, be it your dressing room, kitchen, or front door.Since our protective coatings are designed with UV protection and other unique features, they provide the best protection against the elements, spills, and scratches that are brought on by everyday wear and tear.You’ve invested in beautiful doors for your home. With our lacquering and varnishing solutions, we bring out the rich hues, highlight the grains, and give your doors a luster that instantly uplifts the aesthetic of your home.