Refreshingly unique, our inspirational kitchens are built with the best materials, finishes, and with design innovations in mind.

   Simple and elegant with flowing lines, our modular kitchen designs blend form, technology, and functionality to make your life a little easier. So, whether you want a rustic, country casual aesthetic, a warm effect with solid wood furniture, or a sleek and ultra-modern vibe,

our highly sought-after experts will help you optimize your space and create a kitchen that your family will love to spend time in.


Handleless kitchens, Vento Atlantico Lda, Portugal


kitchen modern style, Vento Atlantico Lda, Portugal


natural kitchen cabinets, Vento Atlantico Lda, Portugal


natural kitchen style, Lisbon, Vento Atlantico Lda

You can find here:

  • increasingly popular handle-less kitchens
  • modern style kitchens
  • cottage natural style kitchens
  • natural living style kitchens

All our kitchen is unquestionably unique. Each kitchen is individually planned and manufactured with maximum precision. We guarantee a high level of quality.  We really make stylish kitchens, taking into account the latest trends. You will find the type of kitchen that will become your perfect match from      popular handle-less kitchens to modern style kitchens, and natural living style kitchens.

Functional and stylish interior decoration, precisely selected accessories, custom-made components make each kitchen perfectly ideal. Let us inspire you to discover endless possibilities in creating the kitchen of your dreams. We offer various options for creating a cosy space. Our diverse collections will make it possible to create a really holistic design that fits into the interior of your home.
Our furniture system can be successfully used outside the kitchen. We use it to equip cabinets in the wardrobe, living room, hallway or utility room.

We work with custom design options, various colours, and a wide selection of materials, high-quality fittings. Bespoke kitchen cabinets, components selected with love, modern accessories and finely tuned interior decoration open up unlimited possibilities when creating such a kitchen.